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January 27, 2020

Okay, so last post was a tad inaccurate it turns out. I had thought I had completely figured out how to work with the Gatsby image API and deploy it all properly, BUT it turns out that it was failing to actually BUILD!

Today, I noticed my mistake, and figured out how to ACTUALLY properly use the API and deploy it with a build. YAY!

It was a minor thing, but hey isn’t that how most debugging goes? It turns out to be some stupid little thing that was fixed with a single line of code? Yep, that’s all it took!

However, the whole debugging exercise was still really useful, because it forced me to meticulously trace my steps and the steps of deploying the build, so now I understand the whole pipeline MUCH better.

Also migrating my large myLevelUP app repo from Gitlab to Github, so now all my projects will be in one place. WOOT!

Next I’m going to work with Gatsby styling and see if I can’t personalize this here blog a bit more.

That’s all for now!

Laters alligators!


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